In Memoriam

It’s time to remember those trapped inside alternate facts, in an alternate history.


We will never remember.
We will ALWAYS forget.

Elegy to Bowling Green

In Bowling Green where they are lain
Side by side in final rest,
Where they can claim immortal Fame,
That we may call them Blessed,

We call no rolls for those we lost,
Unknown they all remain.
Who paid too soon so large a cost,
Yet who’d do it all again.

Their names unknown we’ll forge ahead
Knowing that’s what they’d want:
No tears or cries or drooping heads—
Just a peaceful signed détente.

Cameras flash; reporters shout,
Man’s inhumanity to Man,
We wonder what it’s all about,
While thanking Kellyanne.

For she it was who spread the news,
A solemn voice from some strange Muse
Facts or fictions, you may choose
Because, my friends, they’re what we use…

Don’t remember Bowling Green?


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