Everything New Is Old Again

You’ve probably seen the image above in your LinkedIn, Facebook, or email inbox.

It’s a feel-good graphic designed to show us how far we’ve come (or how far we need to go) in order to achieve Utopia in our professional lives. Every single one of the topics covered under the New Thinking heading is an ideal that we have reached or are reaching for in order to achieve balance and happiness in our work.

The Old Thinking side supposedly represents the past – the way things wereand isn’t it great that we’re leaving all of this behind?

Too bad reality is something entirely different.

Those of us of a “certain age” have heard every one of the topics covered here multiple times. We’ve heard it, in some cases, for several decades. During those decades, virtually nothing has been done beyond lip service to achieve most of the goals listed here as “New Thinking”. In fact, if we’re honest with ourselves and our observations of our workplaces we have to admit that the “Old Thinking” side of the equation more closely reflects how our workplace actually operates.

It’s easy to see why that is. Old Thinking continues to work as it always has; New Thinking, while it may be adopted in some aspects, never quite seems to gain traction. Why is that?

The answer here, as in so many other places, boils down to money. It costs money for businesses to implement the kinds of New Thinking reforms they have been giving lip service to for years…and businesses, bosses, and shareholders simply hate to give up money if they aren’t required to do so.

So I think it’s safe to say that we are going to be seeing this graphic again in another few years. When we do, the new group of workers will also remark “Isn’t it wonderful how much things have changed from the Bad Old Ways of thinking?”

The more things change…


Copyright 2016/2017 John Lewis

All rights reserved. Anyone wishing to republish this content, in whole or in part, contact info@aqualifeadventures.com for permission.

John Lewis is a freelance writer and editor for hire. Reach him at jlewis@aqualifeadventures.com . He also writes for the site Crowdfunding Hell.


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