Carrie Fisher Was My Age When She Died

Image source: NBC News

It was announced about an hour ago that actress Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame had died after suffering a massive heart attack on Christmas day.

You can say, write, blog a lot of things – both good and less so – about this event but the one thing that resounds with me is the fact that in every story so far, they mention Fisher’s age at death.

It also happens to be my own.

It’s a big signpost that shows that the road before me is much shorter than the road already traveled…and ends in the same place. It tells all of us that we should look at the journey we are taking along our individual roads, and work to savor every moment on that road that can end all too soon.

Now, my road and Carrie Fisher’s are not even remotely the same. She saw and did things I never could – but it’s fair to say that I saw and did things in my journey she never dreamed of as well. Martial arts competitions, becoming a jeweler, then later a dive instructor. Caregiver for my mother in the last year of her life. Traveller and now stroke survivor and freelance writer.

Much has already been written about Fisher’s life and will continue to be. Remember that in your mourning for the talent she brought to the world, take some time to be amazed at the talent that your own existence has brought as well.

Try to make your life as remarkable.


Copyright 2016/2017 John Lewis

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John Lewis is a freelance writer and editor for hire. Reach him at . He also writes for the site Crowdfunding Hell.


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