Just Got Invited to See the Old Gang…And I Don’t Want to Go

It finally happened, something I’ve been dreading for a while.

I was invited to a gathering of an old dive group that I belonged to. We used to have several of these little get-togethers throughout the year, and in those days, I was in the thick of things. We’d eat, drink, and tell stories of our exploits as scuba divers looking forward to our next adventure under the waves.

That’s all ended for me. I’m disabled now and will never see the beauty of the underwater world again. So, I turned them down when they invited me. I don’t want anyone from that part of my past that doesn’t have to to see me like this – what I have become.

Especially, I don’t want to be the object of pity.

These days, I’m trying to move on as best I can, and one way for me to do so is to leave the past IN the past. To dwell on what you lost, particularly something that meant so much to you is particularly painful. So it is with me.

I wish them all well. Just can’t handle seeing them… and I don’t think that some of them will be able to handle seeing me.


Copyright 2016 John Lewis

All rights reserved. Anyone wishing to republish this content, in whole or in part, contact info@aqualifeadventures.com for permission.

John Lewis is a freelance writer and editor for hire. Reach him at jlewis@aqualifeadventures.com . He also writes for the site Crowdfunding Hell.


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