Most People Want to Be Led

As you grow older and more experienced in life, you realize a few things.

Some of them are pretty scary.

One of them is acknowledging that the majority of people don’t want to make up their own minds – they just want to sit back and be led. They’ll follow the Pied Piper call of anyone who can string together words in a way that appeals to them on an emotional level.

Someone who can point at something or someone and say –

“Look! See! There’s the reason you’re unhappy, or unemployed, or downtrodden. That’s the source of all your woes (real and imagined).” 

By appealing to that uneasiness, you get not thoughtful, informed people considering options and actions, but a blind mob surging from one crisis to another until they can settle down again into relaxed torpor. Who want to be taken care of, held safe from all bumps and shocks.

As individuals, this may not be a problem. As a population, it becomes frightening.

As a nation?

Downright terrifying.


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