What Do You Find When You Reach Inbox Zero?


Inbox Zero – that magical place where all emails have been dealt with actually exists.

I have been there, and seen it with mine own eyes…because it was my Inbox. Now it was possible to go through the rest of the day without interruption, concentrating on the immediate, not responding to the mundane. Get things done without distraction.

A curious thing reared it’s ugly head, though. I found that at odd intervals of the day, the urge to just ‘check’ if there was any new email was overpowering. A hunger..a need that must be satiated. Others were observed doing the same thing, as they went through varying stages of email withdrawal.

Wait. Withdrawal?

Yes. Email checking and response had become our drug of habit. Taken away, we actually tried to find that next fix, that next dose of electronic words and communiques to make it through the day. The truth of this horrifying conclusion hit me when I caught myself checking for email at home after my regular workday.

Today, there’s always one or two emails left for later in the Inbox. They’re in there to help keep the shakes away. I’m not worried, though – I can quit any time I want to. Go for a walk. Feel the Sun on my face. Talk to..talk to…



John Lewis is a freelance writer and editor for hire.  Reach him at  jlewis@aqualifeadventures.com . To see more of his product write-ups on LinkedIn, join the group Products In Search of A Market . On Facebook, join Products in Search of a Market (Facebook).


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