The Writing Sprint: More Work, Faster

Indebted to author Chris Fox for this concept.

You want to be a writer. So, you sit down, ready to start.

The words start coming, but after a little while you notice that they don’t seem quite right, and you stop and begin editing. You write a bit more and then realize that you have to edit some more. Because of this stop and go aspect you realize that you have made far less progress than you intended in the time you’ve spent.

You forgot that your goal was to write as much is possible in the time that you have allotted for that purpose. You have discovered writing is not as easy as most people think it is.

Hell, writing is not as easy as most writers think it is!

If you want to write as much as possible, as quickly as possible, may I recommend to you that you start doing writing sprints – short intervals of intense writing effort, with no effort made to edit the work written. Once you have written it, keep moving forward until you’ve reached the end of the writing sprint interval.

Make a game of it by putting a timer on yourself. See how far you can get in 15 or 25 minutes, when the sprint ends. Relax. Repeat.

You’ll find that as time goes on and you become more comfortable with the writing sprint concept that each subsequent sprint you do becomes easier. It’s very much like wind sprints and running. You build up ability and get better with practice.

Try it! I think that you’ll like it.

Contact me if you’d like to learn more. If you’re curious, this piece clocks in at about 300 words at 10 minutes – including editing after the first draft was finished.


John Lewis is a freelance writer and editor for hire. Reach him at . To see more of his product write-ups on LinkedIn, join the group Products In Search of A Market . On Facebook, join Products in Search of a Market (Facebook).


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