The 10 Day Challenge–Day 10

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10


Challenge 10 – and the end of the series of Challenges I accepted when this began over a week ago.

What did this all mean? What did I accomplish by doing the daily Challenge exercises?

Was it all worth the effort?

Of course it was. A year ago, when I finally achieved my goal of physical independence and living once again on my own, I had a plan: to find a way forward that allowed me to use the talents still available to me to make a difference. So, I began writing. A lot of writing.

It was execrable at first. I expected it would be – it had been years since I had written professionally, so I needed to get back into the mindset needed.

Time passed.

I got better. People wanted to read what I had to say. So, kept putting things out there as I found my voice as a writer again. They also started asking me for ways to improve their own work. Found I remembered how to give it. The old muscles started to flex.

It became another step on the road I had chosen. There was still something that needed to be done, though, to prove to myself that my work was now ready for Prime Time effort.

I found that something in the 10 Day Freedom Plan Challenge. 

THIS was to be the test of my abilities and discipline to get things done, not just talk about it. If the other Challenge participants found my work acceptable, then nothing – and no one – would be allowed to limit me again.

Some will find those daily Challenges we faced enjoyable. Did I?

I liked them all, for good reason; each of them allowed me to show a slightly different side to my writing ability, crucial to someone who holds themselves out as a professional wordsmith. They challenged me to showcase not only my plans, but my talent as well.

Now it’s the end of this particular road. What do I take away from this experience?

I’m ready. Ready to take this show on the road for the paying customers who expect your best effort with every performance. Will there be an occasional misstep or missed opportunity? Sure there will – but that’s the nature of life. You acknowledge it and move onward. Already I’m working on realizing one of the next steps in my plan.

I’m going to start working on my own video again over the next couple of months.

Maybe wearing the same clothes every day like Natalie does in her Challenge videos.


John Lewis is a freelance writer and editor for hire. Reach him at . To see more of his product write-ups on LinkedIn, join the group Products In Search of A Market . On Facebook, join Products in Search of a Market (Facebook).

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