The 10 Day Challenge–Day 9

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9


Morning, of a day I decided to spend moving about town.

There’s a restaurant been dying to try, so the Big Yellow Transport of choice takes me there. The place is bright and airy, and the kitchen smells wafting out are wonderful.

Taking out my tablet after ordering, I look over the news of interest then turn my attention to my blog(s) and emails to see if there’s anything pressing. As usual, someone needs advice on something they’re writing.

I think about it over my meal while taking in the scene outside. The sun streams down on all sorts of people as they go about their lives. Where are they going to? Where did they come from? The age-old questions come to mind in contemplating the world about me.

Lingering a bit over the after-meal tea I read again the fellow writer’s email, then write the reply. Edit that reply for clarity and send it. Close down the tablet, get up to leave.

I notice a young couple as I go that had been seated near me. If they were any more into each other a cartoonish sign would appear in the air over them of two hearts beating as one. Smiling inwardly, I realize that the choice of today’s ramble area was a good one.

Every so often now when stopping to rest, look, and reflect, out comes the tablet and a new note or observation that may become a blog topic or article finds it’s way into the files. One of those notes is the young couple from earlier. All the World loves lovers-and their stories. Theirs should be interesting should I write it later.

Lunch finds me repeating the same actions as breakfast; answer a few pressing emails, seeing the world about me, staying abreast of events.

Time to go home. A couple hours of routine await me to be done-remainder of the emails, the blog comments, business/financial things to keep body and soul together.

Later, scut work completed for the day and pot of tea nearby, I open the idea file on my tablet to look for inspiration.

Hmmm. All the World loves lovers. Let’s see where that takes us.

..and the words appear.

The story takes form…

The Freedom Plan Link

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