The 10 Day Challenge–Day 6

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6



This is a hard Challenge because of the criteria set up in order to meet it.

There is a famous literary quote that says “No man is an island..“, and is interpreted by many as meaning that no one ever truly goes it alone. As with most sayings, that does not necessarily apply to everyone – especially me. This isn’t because I want it that way; it’s forced upon me by the circumstances of my existence.

Let me explain.

Over two years ago, I was like anyone else in the world – I had a life, dreams, aspirations that I was working to fulfill. After a series of events I had finally arrived at the point where I could live in pursuit of the goals that I set for myself. I was traveling and experiencing things both interesting and wondrous.

Then the sky came crashing in when a very tiny blood vessel burst with no warning inside my brain. Suddenly, I was fighting for my life. That struggle left me partially paralyzed, unable to travel, finances destroyed, and profession now irrevocably beyond the physical limits imposed on me. I found my tribe then in the friends both known and unknown who rallied and supported the effort that led to my continued existence. (I can never thank them enough.)

Today, though, I live a life primarily of solitude. In that aloneness it’s become necessary to find new meaning in order to become of use again. As I mentioned in a previous Challenge response, I found that use in writing, research, and editing – areas that I find are still of value to others in the world.

To get to that point, you find the inspiration wherever it happens to be. You form a new tribe. For myself, I found some of that inspiration in people that are doing the things I once did or that I now want to do.

One of those people you may know as the Professional Hobo, Nora Dunn. (You’ll even find some of her writing in response to this Challenge series!) Bouncy, thoughtful, but always interesting her adventures as she pursues a location independent lifestyle inspires, frustrates, and amuses me in equal measure.

If there was one question I could ask Nora about her life so far, it’s “How have you kept your heart from breaking, given some of the experiences you have shared with your readers?

Another would be Claudia Christian, best known for her portrayal of Susan Ivanova on the hit series Babylon 5. She has other accolades of course, but one thing that many do not know is the fact that like myself, she has overcome adversity in her own life. She now works to help others overcome the same adversity.

I’d ask her “What’s next?” – Then sit back, spellbound, as the answers come.

Now, in today’s Challenge question we were asked where we would find our tribe – like-minded souls who could inspire and uplift us in our pursuit of the Freedom Lifestyle. I think that most of us have already discovered them.

They are our fellow travelers met for the first time as part of 10 Day Challenge.


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