The 10 Day Challenge–Day 3

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3.


The day begins.

My eyes open to bright sunlight filtering in past the shades. Stretching, I once again realize how great it is not to have to deal with an alarm clock and being able to sleep my own schedule.

Rolling out of bed, I start the routine that gets me ready for the day’s tasks – bath, teeth, hair, leg brace (or maybe not on that last, since I’ll be working from the comfort of my home today without going out). Dressing as I usually do in comfortable casual clothing, I sally forth from the bedroom towards the kitchen and organize my breakfast.

So many breakfast choices!

Now it’s time to get down to business.

Check the overnight emails. Oh, good! The new article has been published and is live on the Internet; make a note to check and see how many clicks it got. And if I got paid.

Clarification requested on a point in the research you’re helping with. A query on availability to write a story concerning overcoming disability, using my own experiences as the central theme. Interesting proposal to ghostwrite a series of stories on relevant topics for a business leader who doesn’t have time to do it himself – file that one away for later consideration.

Online payments for past work has come in and needs to be cleared; other payments are past due and emails to dispatch about that – send new collections out for current work.

Phone calls to make and receive. File this, respond to that, delete this other. The morning quickly goes by as I take care of the regular flow of business.


Now, the creative part of my day begins, since I’ve gotten all the scut work out of the way. I open the main work folder on my computer and begin prioritizing the various works in progress based on their deadlines. I open the first item and begin…writing, rewriting, editing, cackling to myself as the pretty, pretty words begin to arrange themselves into cohesive shape on my screen. Choosing the right images – both verbal and in pictures – to submit when I’ve finished. Done. On to the next one…

Suddenly, it’s the late afternoon and you’ve reached the arbitrary time you set up so long ago to stop working and get a little mindless entertainment in. Tonight it will be a movie, followed by a book you’ve been dying to read that finally came out on Kindle.

Hmm..make a note if I accept the disability story how Kindle and similar products make life easier when you really can’t pick up a book with ease…stop it! No work after 6pm, remember?

Later that night, you check the last emails of the day before heading off to bed. Nothing super urgent, one or two details that you attend to – then it’s lights out.

Until tomorrow.

Say, I wonder if…STOP IT!! Go to sleep!!!


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2 thoughts on “The 10 Day Challenge–Day 3

    1. Thank you.

      I took the exercise question to heart and really looked at what I wanted to be doing in the future, but also wanted to leave little clues as to some of the things I would have had to overcome to get there. Overall, I wanted there to be a feeling of *accomplishment* throughout the piece.


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